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My mom has created a beautiful quilt for each of my three children, over the past nine years. With each one, from my oldest to my youngest, she has designed a unique, thoughtful, and beautiful piece of artwork for them to have, hold, and cherish from babyhood until forever. She does this as an outpouring of love, with nothing asked in return, just a gift, using her talent which she barely recognizes.

I've been blessed with an artistic talent from when I was a little girl. I could always draw, paint and create. It's not something I've taken for granted, rather something I've nurtured and developed, to a modest level of success. If one was to ask me where my gifts came from, I've never given a direct link to my mom, but things are starting to change.

My mom and I have not had the perfect relationship. It's been a struggle through much of our life, but through grace and forgiveness I believe we've achieved something few can. The ability to move through pain to the sacred and beautiful, love.

She helps me every monday to care for the kids so I can work, creating art and trying to provide for my family. She's aware she will be tired at the end of the day, and vulnerable to the daycare illness of the week. She doesn't blink. She listens to me as I vent the struggle of hour and offers advice when I think I may just fall apart.

My youngest child, Ellie, is almost 5 months old now and her quilt has been sitting in her un-used crib, waiting for a proper home. It's bothered me that I haven't been able to display it or use it they way she intended. Ellie doesn't sleep in her room yet, as it's shared room with her big sister and we aren't quite ready to move her in yet.

Mother's day is coming soon and my mom and this quilt have been on my mind. This year I wanted to honor my mom and all the beauty she adds to the world, to my life, and to my children's lives. Through her quilting and her love of family and god, she makes her mark in the world.

So, I can proudly say, my artistic ability derives in large part from my mom. And I want to say, thank you mom, for everything. The quilt and the love.


quilt ( linda byrum, red leaf quilts )

birth announcement (elk design for tinyprints )

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Doug Byrum Apr 25, 2017 3:21pm
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Two beautiful hearts sharing beautiful gifts of love!
Nicole Couto Apr 25, 2017 3:10pm
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What a beautiful tribute to your Mom, Emily! I have seen first hand the talent you both have and been able to see your relationship evolve in front of my very own eyes. You two have an amazing bond. Your Mom is equally as lucky to have such a thoughtful, empathetic, wonderful daughter!!!
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